Installation of Cooling Tower at Kimberly Clark

At well-known ‘Design & Build HVAC Company’, Aqua Chill Systems, novelty continues to reach even to small element like ‘Installation of Cooling Tower’

Kimberly Clark is a reputed MNC in the field of personal care products that produce Diapers, Sanitary Napkins and other Hygiene products. They came up with the expansion of Huggies production in their Sanaswadi plant. For this production line, they had requirement of air conditioning for good product quality as well as human comfort. It was a comprehensive Chiller project including equipment right from cooling towers, pumps, hot well cold wells, panels etc. They chose ‘Aqua Chill’ as their implementation partner in this project.

For condenser water circuit, there is normally a constraint of having insufficient NPSH for the pumps and of water spilling over from the tower in case of stopping of plant. To address this, it is necessary to install cooling towers at certain height with reference to the centre line of the pump set. Same was done here in this project. Cooling towers were to be installed on concrete pedestals of height of 1.2 mtrs. And cooling tower height was approx. 5 mtr. So, the top of the tower was at approx 6+ mtrs height from the FFL.

Conventionally cooling tower comes into existence at site as a result of assembly of its components directly on its foundation. Due to its inherent high Volume vs weight ratio and intricacies involved in mounting of its components, it’s not preassembled. While doing assembly at site and reaching upto height of 6+ mtrs, rigid scaffolding is a must around the space. Here at this site, there was constraint in putting this scaffolding as some other utility’s work was also going on at the same time next to the foundation of these towers. Carrying out assembly of towers within the committed timeline wasn’t possible.

Rigorous internal meetings took place at site as well as with the back office. Consultation was done with the assembly team, manufacturer and the crane operator. Very minute details were established like CG of assembled tower, structural strength of possible lift points, allowance in level difference to avoid dislocation of internal parts etc. And then it was decided to assemble the tower in place away from the foundation and then lift the assembled tower with a crane to put it on the concrete foundation. The entire process was carefully planned and successfully executed. Both the cooling towers were assembled in four days’ time and put on the foundation in a day. Subsequently cooling towers were commissioned. The chiller plant is now in operation for more than 5 months and performing as per the CTI parameters.

With Aqua Chill, you will never lose your cool, you will always be delighted.

Installation of Cooling Tower at Kimberly Clark Installation of Cooling Tower at Kimberly Clark