HVAC System at Tier III Data Centre

With APC Schneider, Aqua Chill Systems installed an HVAC system with Precision Air conditioning at TIER III Data Centre of FT Tower, Mumbai.

We have done the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Chilled Water Based Cooling System for FT Tower Data Centre.

The system used is Precision Air Conditioning system (PAC) with precision control & accuracy for cooling of Data Centre and server room environments. The detailed project scope for Aqua Chill Systems is low side work consists of supply and installation of chilled water pump, Integrators, Electrical Panel, Fresh water unit, Humidifier, chilled water piping, closed water expansion tank.

AQUACHILL successfully completed and executed the project within the stipulated time frame, and is performing as per the required parameters and operating trouble free.

HVAC System at Tier III Data Centre HVAC System at Tier III Data Centre