Sustainability Initiative at JM Fabrics Ltd.

JM Fabric Ltd specializes in manufacturing ladies knit garments and intimates. As a composite knitting facility, JM Fabrics, also produces the fabric used in making its finished garments.

JM Fabrics was acquired by New Asia Group which is one of Bangladesh's leading private organizations supplying some of the world’s most well recognized retail brands.

JM Fabric’s integrated resource and environmental considerations allow a steady reduction in the energy and resource consumption by increasing the efficiency of resource utilization, waste reduction, resource recovery and recycling.

JM Fabric has adopted Aquachill’s energy-efficient Air conditioning system based on vapour absorption machine for taking a step forward in sustainability and energy conservation. Aqua Chill successfully supplied, installed and commissioned gas engine jacket water-driven vapour absorption chiller of 200 TR. Gas Engine jacket hot water is the driving heat source for the chiller. Engine jacket water needs to dissipate heat in the environment for maintaining engine performance, that waste heat is recovered from the engine and provided to vapour absorption chiller.

The energy-efficient air-conditioning system was provided by Aquachill over the conventional system. Using Aquachill designed and implemented Systems, JM Fabrics has attained significant savings.

JM Fabrics is the unique case for Aquachill in the textile industry where we have provided an end to end solution with remarkable/ measurable value addition.

Sustainability Initiative at JM Fabrics Ltd. Sustainability Initiative at JM Fabrics Ltd.