Ventilation System for World’s Leading Farm Machinery Manufacturer

An American corporation that manufactures agricultural, construction, and forestry machinery has made significant progress over the years and decided to further expand its footprint in the India Market. They are amongst Fortune 500 companies, have introduced various products and programmes needed by the Indian farmers in various segments of the Agriculture value chain including seeding, harvesting and post harvesting equipment. They have generated about 35.54 billion U.S. dollars in net sales and revenue in 2020.

That World’s leading farm machinery manufacturer came up with an expansion plan for developing multiple manufacturing units in some states of India, including Maharashtra. In Maharashtra specifically in Pune, they have established units for Tractor Manufacturing, IT and Engineering Services, Electronic control for modernizing Agriculture tractors and customer convenience, Product Validation & Verification Centre, etc.

Aqua Chill tied up with Leading Agriculture Equipment manufacturer for delivering the ventilation system of 102263.04 sq. ft. ACS has delivered a total 3,60,000 of CFM of ventilation for their manufacturing facility in Pune. Customer has appreciated our installation work for the factory Powder Coated Spiral Ducting & Two Stage Evaporative cooling unit.

Aqua Chill has invested a total 10 Months of Actual Man Months at Site. The total project execution is done by overcoming all hurdles during Lockdown and by following all rules and guidelines of COVID 19. Customer is very happy with the aesthetic quality of installation & awarded Aqua Chill with additional orders. Customer has acknowledged our efforts and felicitate us for successful completion of work.

Ventilation System for World’s Leading Farm Machinery Manufacturer Ventilation System for World’s Leading Farm Machinery Manufacturer