Innovation for Saving Power and Saving Energy (New)

The European 'Personal Care & Cosmetics' Giant needed a combined solution of process cooling and air conditioning for their manufacturing plant. It was a challenge to get the solution for balancing the varying process and air conditioning load. Also, the desired system should meet the norms of Green Building design requirements for energy efficiency and operation.

The user had envisaged risk of Legionella disease. This disease is prominently noticed in European countries. Legionella disease caused due to the microorganism that grows in the sump of Cooling Tower. It is considered as fatal in European countries. Hence, the customer suggested using the air-cooled system. Aquachill worked out an innovative solution with Closed-Loop Cooling Tower supplemented with Adiabatic pads. This resulted in 90% of water-saving as compared to wet cooling towers & saving of more than 5,00,000 Units per annum as compared to the conventional cooling tower.

Innovation for Saving Power & Saving Energy (New) Innovation for Saving Power & Saving Energy (New)