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Aqua Chill Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is a Turnkey EPC Project company in the field of HVAC, Process Cooling, CHPC Architecture and Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling. The company also provides Services of Annual Maintenance Contract and Operation & Maintenance Contract for the same systems.

Knowing user's process & user's applications are the company's biggest asset. With more than two decades of experience and 300+ projects to its credit, the company is known for executing big size central HVAC, Process Cooling and CHPC Systems for critical industrial applications in segments of Food, Beverages, Automobile, Engineering, Power, Steel, Paper, Healthcare, Discrete manufacturing, Fertilizers, Chemicals etc. The company caters to pan India users as well as to users in Sri Lanka & Bangladesh.


    "To be a reliable partner to Global Industrial users for EPC services in HVAC, Process Cooling & Trigeneration by leveraging technical know-how & project management ability."


    Knowledge Sharing,   Inclusiveness,   Teamwork,   Flexibility

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Industries We Serve

We, at Aqua Chill, bring best practices of designing HVAC systems suitable for Industrial Manufacturing Facility and Process Plants.

These segments include Food, Engineering, Automobile, Steel, Power, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Textile, and many more. We ensure that our on-time project execution is high on hygiene & installation quality.

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Our History


Genesis as Thermax Franchise

Inception year, marking the beginning of our journey as a franchise of Thermax.


Venturing into HVAC via Unitary Product Route

Diversification into the HVAC sector through the Unitary Product Route.


Launch of Project Business Endeavors

Initiation of project-based business activities, signifying a strategic expansion.


Securing HVAC Contract with Automobile Giant, General Motors

A pivotal moment, achieving a significant milestone with the successful acquisition of an HVAC contract from General Motors.


Successful Implementation of ERP and ISO 9001

A year of operational evolution, marked by the successful implementation of ERP systems and ISO 9001 certification.


Securing Combustion Air Cooling Contract from BHEL Kribhco Fertilisers

Notable breakthrough in innovation, securing a key contract for Combustion Air Cooling from BHEL Kribhco Fertilisers.


Realizing Vision Viraat 100

Successfully reaching the ambitious goal set in Vision Viraat 100, symbolizing the achievement of 100 crores in revenue.


Securing the Largest Order in Our History

A momentous achievement in securing the largest order in the company's history, underscoring growth and success.

2023- 2024

Launching "Viraat to Vikram" Vision

Unveiling our new vision to achieve 1000 crores by 2030, signaling our commitment to substantial growth.


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Our Directors

Mr. Suhas Shinde - Managing Director

Mr. Suhas Shinde

Managing Director

Mr. Suhas Shinde has over 30 years of experience in the engineering industry. He had worked with Thermax Ltd before starting this business.

Under his leadership, Aqua Chill has grown steadily and received various awards and accolades, he formed Aqua Chill Systems India Private Limited in 1997, initiating its operations as TSF (Thermax Service Franchisee) and has taken several initiatives to accelerate the company's top-line and bottom-line growth.

His vision and strategic business leadership are instrumental in establishing ACS in a leadership position in the HVAC industry. He looks after the overall business strategy of the Company. He is a fitness enthusiast, marathon runner and an active philanthropist.

Mr. Kiran Kulkarni - Director – Operations

Mr. Kiran Kulkarni

Director – Operations

Mr. Kiran Kulkarni, plays a key role in Supply Chain Management, Suppliers Relations Project – Planning, development & execution activities.

Mr. Kiran has 30+ years of work experience in managing after-market services function, program management. He is a certified ERP implementation professional and has worked for implanting ERP projects for large organizations including Thermax Ltd. He came on board of Aqua Chill Systems in 2011.

His expertise lies in operations management, and making the organization always ready for future challenges by aligning engineering, Supply & Logistics to support the rapid growth. He has a proven track record in cost, productivity and quality improvement and a broad cross-functional team management. He has vast experience in Supply Chain Management & Project management has played a major role in building a strong organization on solid relations.

Mr. Gajanan Khot - Director FEVC

Mr. Gajanan Khot

Director – FEVC

Mr. Gajanan Khot is an assiduous, inquisitive Mechanical engineer with an exceptional accolades to his credit is looks after Complete Front End Value Chain (FEVC) including Sales and Marketing, Commercials, OEM relations, Customer relations.

Mr. Gajanan has 30+ years of work experience in similar field – HVAC, CHPC, backed by a degree of MBA, have worked with Kirloskar Pneumatics Company Limited and Thermax Limited before starting his own venture – Tri Gen Energy Design Private Limited (TEDPL) in 2007. Later TEDPL was merged into Aqua Chill Systems.

His Unique leadership skills have seen him become a Director-Sales & Marketing. He is proficient in interpreting corporate vision and his strategies can translate objectives into actionable plans. His proven strategic vision facilitated the establishment of the brand and himself as a stalwart in the HVAC industry.

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We offer Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of complete HVAC System.

We are not into manufacturing of products. We provide Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Process Cooling, GT Inlet Air cooling & CHPC Architecture services.

No, we provide our services to various industries such as Food & Beverages, Engineering & Automobile, Chemical & Fertilizers, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Steel & Power, Paper & Packaging Industries etc.

Yes. We can take comprehensive/non-comprehensive HVAC annual maintenance contracts of the systems to reduce your operational and financial vulnerability.