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Bangladesh’s steel industry is going from strength to strength, thanks to the construction boom and implementation of mega infrastructure projects in the country. A decade ago consumption of steel was 1.6 million tonnes and last year it stood tall at about 7.5 million tonnes, according to a report. There are about 40 active steel manufacturers, who altogether have the capacity to manufacture 9 million tonnes a year. Of them, Abul Khair Steel (AKS) is one among the major brands, which meets more than half the demand of steel in the country.

Being one of the most trusted brands in Bangladesh, AKS is also the largest multi-diversified steel manufacturing unit in South East Asia. AKS’s integrated resource and environmental considerations allow a steady reduction in the energy and resource consumption by increasing the efficiency of resource utilization, waste reduction, resource recovery and recycling.

Taking a step forward in sustainability and energy conservation, AKS has adopted Aquachill’s energy-efficient Air conditioning system based on an absorption machine. Aquachill successfully commissioned two double-effect steam-driven vapour absorption chillers of 250 TR each. Steam, the driving heat source for the chillers, is sourced from the waste heat recovery boiler. The flue gas heat otherwise was getting emitted into the atmosphere

The vapour absorption chillers provide chilled water at 7oC and the same is used for air conditioning approx. 50,000 sq ft area comprising switchgear and control rooms at their captive power plant of a total capacity of 60 MW. Harish Uppoor, Sr. General Manager, Abul Khair Steel comments about the significant savings that AKS has attained using Aquachill designed and implemented Systems.

“With the use of Aquachill designed and implemented Systems, we are saving $6000-7000 per month compared to the conventional system of an electrical chiller.” – Harish Uppoor, Sr. General Manager, Abul Khair Steel, Bangladesh.

AKS saves more than a million units of electricity and reduces carbon emissions by 1,286.4 tonnes annually. With the energy-efficient and sustainable product offerings, Aquachill harnesses benefits of waste heat, brings in significant savings and promotes green cooling. Our energy-efficient air conditioning system is an alternative for the conventional system of an electric chiller.

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