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Air Conditioning & Ventilation

We offer Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of complete HVAC Systems including items right from Chillers, Pumps, Air Handling Units, Ducting, Piping, BMS, PLC Panels etc. Our expertise is understanding user’s processes and user’s requirement distinctly and ‘designing & building’ these systems for all industrial applications like Cleanroom applications, Dehumidification requirements, High sensible heat requirement areas, humidification requirements, Engine test cells, Tunnel cooling, Once through systems, Critical Laboratory applications etc.

Process Cooling

We provide ‘Design and Build’ project services of Process cooling systems for manufacturing/process plants requiring chilled / cooling water/brine supply to reactors, heat exchangers, jackets with varying degree of temperatures and with critical pressure/flow controls. Our expertise is conceptualizing most energy-efficient systems while ensuring utmost reliability and ease of operation.

CHPC Architecture

We provide ‘Design and Build’ project services of Combined heating, power and cooling systems based on gas engines. We are expert in configuring the CHPC system on the basis of matching demand profiles of heating, power and cooling in all seasons and all possible load permutations. We are pioneers in configuring and executing heat recovery systems, absorption chillers integrated with compression chillers to maximize benefits of both systems.

GT Inlet Air Cooling

We provide ‘Design and Build’ project services of Gas Turbine Inlet air cooling to enhance the net exportable power output of gas-based power stations in fertilizer, petrochemical complexes. Our expertise is doing a cost-benefit analysis of implementing GT IAC systems and designing, implementing the most reliable systems ensuring fluid dynamic commitments on this system apart from thermal process commitments.


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