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Industry Insights


We, at Aqua Chill, bring best practices of designing HVAC systems suitable for food processes and of world-class implementation while executing the project. Our learning trajectory has benefitted F & B customers in several SOP of many F & B verticals. This has ensured that our on-time project execution is high on hygiene & installation quality. We help our customers ensure quality commitment to their customers by virtue of our expertise in dehumidification, kitchen exhaust, syrup cooling, process cooling, ventilation, tunnel cooling, hygroscopic raw material & finished goods storing, etc.


We are experts in understanding the process and application of the Engineering and the Automobile industry. We deliver the best performing HVAC system and we have exact application knowledge for the Engineering and Automobile Industry. We have designed and implemented air conditioning utility piping for labs, ventilation systems for test cells, skid-mounted process cooling systems, etc. to fulfill the operational needs of the Engineering and Automobile industry.

Steel & Power

Steel and power plants have a high source of radiant heat during the manufacturing process through different furnaces. We have designed reliable HVAC systems to operate in such extreme conditions. We work on energy conservation by utilizing the same heat using CHPC Technology which enhances the overall system performance. We cater the Air conditioning and ventilation requirement of different spaces like panel rooms, Electrical control rooms, pallet plants, etc


We delivered customized HVAC systems for Major Paper Industries. We have a detailed understanding of the processes involved in the Paper Industry like a chemical process, wood process, pulping process, etc. We are expert in designing air conditioning systems for maintaining critical temperature and handling downtime for PCC room, MCC Room, Drive Room, VFD Room etc.


We thoroughly understand the different processes carried out in a textile manufacturing plant and the environmental conditions need to be maintained in different areas. We are capable of maintaining these conditions by providing energy-efficient solutions.


We have successfully executed various projects for Healthcare centres with proper coordination with other contractors while maintaining good hygiene. We have vast experience of designing HVAC systems for a different area in hospitals like PET-CT, SPECT CT, OT Endoscopy, NTU & HDU, Linac Bunker, etc. We have maintained a good track record of fast implementation of such projects.


A well-designed HVAC System plays a key role in ensuring the manufacture of quality pharmaceutical products and also provides comfortable conditions for operators. We are experts in designing HVAC systems that influence architectural layouts with regard to items such as airlock positions, doorways and lobbies. We know that temperature, relative humidity and ventilation should be appropriate and should not adversely affect the quality of pharmaceutical products during their manufacture and storage, or the accurate functioning of equipment.

Chemical & Fertilizers

We are capable of providing innovative and energy-efficient HVAC & process cooling solutions to different chemical & fertilizer companies, which enhances their overall system performance.

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