O & M

  1. Directors have worked in the service department for the initial few years, hence they know the service requirement of client closely.
  2. Have experience of handling operation maintenance contracts since the past 21 years.
  3. In the history of the company no contract is been terminated by a client for bad performance.
  4. Technically qualified staff is available to take care of O& M contracts. Hence uptime of the system is guaranteed.
  5. Since the company is an expert in system design, we can address plant efficiency issues or performance issues in-house.
  6. Required tools and tackles like ultrasonic flow meter, chemical descaling pump arrangement, laser thermometer, air flow measurement sophisticated calibrated types of equipment, pitot tube, etc available in-house for troubleshooting.
  7. Company has wide experience of  chemicals used for water treatment thereby avoiding scaling and direction of the system.
  8. Company can undertake O& M and also provide services for its measure types of equipment like Pump, cooling tower, AHU, MCC, etc under one roof. We also can take comprehensive maintenance contracts of the system.
  9. We have tied up with repair agencies of compression chillers of all types. This makes us unique in the industry who can handle all type of chillers, absorption and conventional.


  • We have authorized service franchisee of Thermax for Maharashtra, Except Mumbai and Konkan, Chattisgad, and part of MP.
  • We have experience of handling all type of VAM since 1990. All directors have worked in VAM division of Thermax.
  • We have very experienced staff to handle VAM services and have the experience to cater to the area which is geographically spread wide.
  • We supply authorized spares and chemicals to our customers. we also provide them chemicals required for a cooling tower to prevent scaling and algae formation.

Hitachi Service

  • We are authorised delaers for Hitachi airconditioners for all type of air conditioners like split acs, ductable AC s VRF s etc. since year 2000.
  • We have all infrastructure to take care of small projects for offices, restaurants,banks, factory areas, individual homes.
  • We have vast experience in this fiend since last 20 years. We provide all type of installation , trouble shooting, AMC support. spares and consumables etc.
  • We provide round the clock quality service here as well.